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Trees empower women! Today, we're celebrating International Women's Day by celebrating the women planting trees with our partners. This week, we'll be introducing some of them and the incredible work they do. Stay tuned

9 hrs ·

Author Jessica J. Lee put together this amazing doc on the role that forests play in our imaginations and how they reflect our inner wildness.

Among her guests, our Chief Tree Planting Officer Pieter Van Midwoud, and our planting partners Copaiba and Hommes & Terre

Yesterday at 1:00 PM ·

Notre premier rapport financier pour 2021 🎉

May be an image of text that says '2021 Janvier RAPPORTS FINANCIERS 2.530.702€ Revenu total 671.352 Arbres financés 1.204.154€ Arbres plus d'infos sur 305.240€ Investissements verts 167.750€ Nous faire connaître 381.105€ Coûts d'exploitation 472.453€ Impôts et sécurité sociale Paiements pour les arbres Madagascar Indonésie 18.502€ Inde Pérou 16.528€ Brésil Kenya 26.853€ 22.023€ 73.887€ Australie 38.913€ Espagne 19.203€ Ouganda 14.542€ 20.066€ Canada 33.637€'
March 6 at 1:03 PM ·

Unser erster Finanzbericht für 2021 🎉

May be an image of text that says '2021 Januar FINANZBERICHTE 2.530.702€ Einnahmen 671.352 Finanzierte Bäume 1.204.154€ Bäume Nähere Infos unter 305.240€ Grüne Investitionen 167.750€ Marketing 381.105€ Operative Kosten 472.453€ Steuern und Sozialversicherung Baumpflanzzahlungen Madagaskar Indonesien 18.502€ Indien Peru 16.528€ Kenia Brasilien 22.023€ 73.887€ 26.853€ 38.913€ Australien Spainien 19.203€ Uganda 14.542€ Kanada 20.066€ 33.637€'
March 6 at 1:00 PM ·

Our first financial report for 2021 🎉 We've sent payments to partners in 10 countries this month, but remember we don't necessarily pay our partners every month.

May be an image of text that says '2021 January FINANCIAL REPORT 2,530,702€ total income this month 671,352 trees financed this month 1,204,154€ trees More info at 305,240€ green investments 167,750€ spreading the word 381,105€ operation costs 472,453€ taxes and social security Project Partners Madagascar Indonesia 18,502€ India Peru 16,528€ Brazil 22,023€ Kenya 26,853€ 38,913€ 73,887€ Spain Australia 19,203€ Uganda 14,542€ 20,066€ Canada 33,637€'
March 6 at 12:58 PM ·